Vacant Shun!

GoToSanserriffeWell we are finally in April. It is the month in which I was born. We were planning a trip to an island and have decided to go to San Serriffe. It drew the attention of the British when a special report was written up on it in 1977. Later in 1985 that famous baseball player Sidd Finch joined the Arial’s, Caissa Superiore Major League Team. Betty is a big fan of baseball and we are looking forward to seeing his exhibit at the Baseball Hall of Fame located in the town of Adze.

“"He’s a pitcher, part yogi And part recluse. impressively liberated
From our opulent life-style, Sidd’s still deciding about yoga —and his lucrative future in baseball”

We plan to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Bodoni. Nearby Taco Bell will be erecting 1950_noorchidsa site to display the Liberty Bell which was sold to them by the city of Philadelphia in 1996 and is now the Taco Liberty Bell. It is scheduled to be placed on permanent display but the reveal ceremony will not happen until shortly after we return home.

It is not generally known but shortly before my birth a group of kidnappers from Villa Pica abducted Nichole Roche during the middle of a play in which she was playing a woman who gets kidnapped! This rather infamous incident is proudly on display in the only museum on Caissa Inferiore itself located nearby in Garamondo. Betty and I plan to take a ferry from Adze and probably spend the night or a few on this other island. Afterwards we will head back North and spend some time viewing the plantations near Port Elrod. We will be there just in time for the harvest!

“Mild winter and no
dreaded spaghetti weevil
make dinner yummy.”

They had a terrible problem with the weevil that destroyed most of the trees that grow those extra long strands of spaghetti we know and love. But that happened in 1957 and the current crop is thriving and well.

We will end it all by staying in the Cocobanana Casino and with luck might even win enough to cover our holiday. In any case we will be returning home via BIA (Bodoni International Airport) and no doubt ready to take a vacation from our vacation!

If your mind is reeling from today be glad it happens but once a year. Tune in next year when we will once again discuss our plans for (vacation) Vacant Shun!

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  1. As far as I know it does not want to become a state and will most likely remain a territory. Perhaps you missed the point of the blog, I.E. April Fools!

    It is also well known that San Serriffe is on the move and likely to ram into Ruerto Rico any century now!

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