Month: April 2012

Its Missing, Its Lost!

Last night I went to my room to get my special 360 XBOX USB Flash Drive to offload some data unto. It was not where it was suppose to be. Nor is it in any other likely spot. I checked twice and more in some places where it just should have been. How very annoying. […]


They have become ubiquitous. Those cameras that are watching you are everywhere. It is as if we are on a massive campaign to eliminate quantum strangeness. Some have even been empowered to issue tickets. They capture a detail regarding your property during a ticket-able offense and send you the owner a bill that must be […]

Only a Game?

My analysis of Skyrim is nearly done. There is only the dark side that needs to be explored but I’ve already inadvertently done some of that already. My curiosity has gotten the better of me and thus Fri-Duh is now a thief and a murderer. She was very honorable and is still helpful but there […]

Excuse Me

We are a most polite society. There is all manner of speech dealing with skirting around whatever real issue is at stake. Some call this small talk. It is polite and proper to show an interest in your prospective client before getting down to business. In fact it is considered quite rude in a ruthless […]

My Lucky Day!

My Saturday the 14th (think Friday the 13th) curse has struck again. I was hopeful that because it was my birthday I would not have to suffer it this time. However I made my way into a parking spot by crossing oncoming traffic (which itself was stopped because of someone parking) and right after I […]

What Gets Done

I look at my blog entries and realize that once again a lot of time is passing between blogs. Most of this time is consumed with a deep and thorough analysis of Skyrim. It is far from a perfect RPG but already is acknowledged as the best of the best. Being that it is so […]

You Missed

As I look at the calendar I realized that somewhere along the way I missed a day. I woke up thinking this is the 7th but it is actually the 8th of April. At least I got the Sunday part correct! Then I went through my emails and found a comment from my far away […]

Gamer Solution!

The world has problems and we gamers have your solutions. While it is true we actively participate in games more so than anything more meaningful like real life, we do care about the world. I was struck by this thought both by a TED speech by Jane McGonigal as well Skyrim asking me why I […]

Vacant Shun!

Well we are finally in April. It is the month in which I was born. We were planning a trip to an island and have decided to go to San Serriffe. It drew the attention of the British when a special report was written up on it in 1977. Later in 1985 that famous baseball […]