Month: March 2012

Of The Beholder

Having been thrust into being a Pro Se by the IRS it is natural for me to become more interested in law and truth. I ponder how it is we living humans can actually feel good about truth and bad about lies. Where do those warm fuzzy feelings or stomach curdling, blood chilling sense of […]

To Done

I know we are well beyond the beginning of the year where resolutions are traditionally made. However it is never too late to create that To Do list. Why I have myself done so many times. After a while such lists become daunting. It is as if I am Marley adding my own chains to […]

Hu Me?

The title of this blog is in Peeplish. The language of Peep. But of course you wonder what is a peep? It is an extreme simplification of the average person. A peep exists in gridworld and the grid is such that only one peep is allowed per cell in the grid. When I started working […]