What Has Been

WhatHasBeenI watched Midnight in Paris by myself yesterday because the one person I had been sharing movies with has long ago gone far away. But even she might not have watched it with me because it is a Woody Allen movie sans his actual presence. But this blog is not about him or his movie but how while watching it I was reminded of beautiful parallel worlds I have experienced in my own life (whilst astral projection).

In my youth I had a fascination for the occult and was a DIY long before that term became popular. I delved into many things mystical. Somehow the universe about me follows in kind and soon numerous material was available for my purview. However as I travelled in other worlds I was constantly frustrated by finding interesting works in that realm I was unable to locate in this one.

For those who do not believe in God and are true materialist, I wonder what you do with the occasional glimpse of the other side? Most have them in their dreams. Others gain a spark of inspiration from the ether and yell “Eureka!”. While the rest just push to one side the quest to answer why we are here. But I embrace that quest.

My own experiments with my mind free of drugs have shown me other realities as real as our own. I have travelled through time and elsewhere. Often I am unable to establish where I was or even when for the lack of finding a newspaper or magazine though the surroundings seem familiar. To me those experiences were more real than yours putting pictures in your head as you read this.

The way the film was shot brought back memories that I had lost of a beautiful place  misplaced in my soul. A piece of earth caught in the twilight zone and illuminated with a golden light similar to the one used by Woody. But no clock needed to strike at midnight and scantly a trace remains of the alluring feeling of a place I loved being in and now miss so much. Nostalgia has a way of making you long for what has been.

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