Born of Dragon


Skyrim is an immense game. However I can see that there are faults within similar to other role playing games. I am on a computer so it should allow me to easily analyze the statistics. But it seems that the authors believe part of the fun is tossing numbers at a player and not showing exactly how they interact.

For example the enemies you face have a health bar. But no indication of what level they are at. This makes it difficult to gauge whether one should fight or flee. Getting killed trying to find out takes one out of the virtual reality you were experiencing and reminds you it is just a game. It is fun to see how long I last without dying. That should be rewarded!

I also choose to flee and fight another day when the odds are more in my favor. That seems a good extension of reality into fantasy. However I would rather not flee from every foe, especially those that I could defeat with some modicum of effort. But it is not fun when I need to take 20 or more minutes to defeat a foe. That just becomes work and tedious.

What Skyrim lacks the most and Borderlands got right is concerning drop-in coop. It is fun to take on enemies with your friends. It is fun exchanging your gear. That is totally missing from Skyrim.

But the scope of what you can do and how you can do it in Skyrim begs one to startup numerous more games just to see how it would be to be a thief, a soldier, an orc, a wizard or even a cat! I chose to begin with Fri-Duh. She is a female character with inherent skills to do both combat and magic. Imagine my surprise to discover as I progressed into the game that she was born of dragon!