Habit That Change


My life is consumed by my analysis of Skyrim. It is a game by Bethesda that like Fallout derives from Oblivion, at least in the manner of interface. My consumption has become habitual. So much so that I have come to the observation that most of our lives are obviously controlled by our habits.

Someone I know well is misplacing her keys and other objects all the time. Of course she wants me to find her keys. I cannot even count the number of hours I have spent in helping her locate them. Now it is clear to me that this happens because it is her habit to leave things wherever she happens to be. Had she developed a habit of only placing them where they belong I would not be mentioning her habit in this blog.

My own appearance is a reflection of my habit with regards to what I eat. By the time I reached 50 I managed to blow myself up and was in a most unhealthy obese state due to my habit of eating too many calories and being lazy. I proved this to myself after that by acquiring the habit of walking and exercising to improve my health. During the time of my healthy habit my appearance also changed. So much so that everyone was remarking on how much weight I had lost. To which I reply my only concern is my health! I do not care one iota how much I weigh!

To adopt a new habit you just need to do what you must every day for at least two weeks to instill it. That is usually enough time to turn your new activity into a habit. Thus succeeding at behavior change is accomplished when you habit that change!