Job You’ve Got

JobYouLoveTo paraphrase a great song from the last century; if you can’t be in the job you love, love the one you’re with. I chose my line of work years ago. No I did not fall into it nor was it one of the first jobs I started with. But once I became a consultant and realized I was doing what I loved, I smacked myself hard in the head and with that clap of thunder yelled,

   “WTF! I should have done this years ago!”!!!

I’m a simple man with a simple business plan. Pay me when I am working for what I am doing. I.E. I work for an hourly fee. Oh I have tried doing the fixed fee and I understand why a business prefers a known cost. But being at the receiving end of one gone really wrong is how do I put it mildly?

E x c r u c i a t i n g !

It was 1985 and I just got a call from Gloria telling me that her husband and thus my papa was dead. That year I was already working on a fixed bid to make an ICE for the Intel 8088 processor. What I estimated to take but a couple of months actually took me over a year to accomplish. Some of that is due to the shock of having lost a parent. But most of it was due to not being able to anticipate the entire scope of the project. However I continued working on it and delivered what I had promised. Upon completion I resolved to never again work on a fixed bid.

I am a man of my word. Unlike many who would have just given up I stuck to my principles even though it was painful. Yes it was not easy but at least I was doing something that I love doing. What I made that year was way below poverty level but we survived and I learned one very important lesson.

Love will get you through it!

Do not let fear of not making enough money stop you. Jump over the hurdle that you are not qualified or have no experience. Right now work on getting yourself into the job you love! Until then make sure you love the job you’ve got!