Of The Beholder

MetroRobot3Having been thrust into being a Pro Se by the IRS it is natural for me to become more interested in law and truth. I ponder how it is we living humans can actually feel good about truth and bad about lies. Where do those warm fuzzy feelings or stomach curdling, blood chilling sense of dread come from? For us it is more than the mere logic we can program a machine with.

Simulation is designed to fool people. So too is a Turing test. In a Turing test there is at its core either a being that truly has feelings or a lying machine that would have you convinced that it can feel. This is why I hang up on any robot that calls me. It begins speaking without regard to what I am saying and in a manner that implies I should listen to the words programmed into it by its masters having an agenda that is alien to mine. Predictably it is often to gain favor and money using a basic seek and conquer strategy.

My blog does not deal with what is real or true but there are still those thoughts that fleetingly wonder if I could somehow capture a truth how can you dear reader verify that what I have stated is indeed true?

(I am interrupted by a whistle from the steam in my kettle as the water is now boiling!)

It is 8:07 AM on March 9, 2012 as I type this on a keyboard. Soon these words will become a part of my blog. But no one is here to witness these words being created other than me, myself and I. So unless you have some device that can look into a dwelling at any time of your own choosing and are able to distinguish the reality that I allegedly wrote this in rather than the myriad others in which I wrote something slightly different, how is it that I can prove that what I just said about being interrupted is in fact true? Ignoring the most basic premise that I have numerously stated that everything in my blog is actually fiction and thus the more likely possibility is that the above alleged interruption did not in fact actually happen.

Reality and thus truth takes place in the eye of the beholder.