To Done

CatDoneI know we are well beyond the beginning of the year where resolutions are traditionally made. However it is never too late to create that To Do list. Why I have myself done so many times. After a while such lists become daunting. It is as if I am Marley adding my own chains to all I must carry around as a reminder of things I still need to do. But one does what one must!

This is not to say one is unable to simplify ones life. It is mostly a judgment call. Are all those things that are on my list and in my life truly necessary? What is the minimum I require to remain alive and achieve content?

For some it is a yacht on which a score of so called friends can be entertained. For others it’s a bag on a stick containing all their worldly possessions. For most it is that house with a yard and the knowledge that they own it. But in nearly every case there is something one can still do to further simplify.

Goldilocks had that sense of what is just right. She could determine from the food she sampled and the choice of beds that were available, which one was just right. So too must we with our own lives strive for a balance of abundance that is also just right.

Hopefully some of this diatribe is useful and is showing you the way from To Do and achieving To Done.

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