Hu Me?

PeepsThe title of this blog is in Peeplish. The language of Peep. But of course you wonder what is a peep? It is an extreme simplification of the average person. A peep exists in gridworld and the grid is such that only one peep is allowed per cell in the grid. When I started working on Peep I created my own grid and was more concerned with creating a model environment upon which I could test social questions I have about interactions between people. However an API now seems appropriate.

I have been thinking about thinking a long time. Even before I first conceived of Peep. They were born to be mobile agents in a renewable environment. Their world would give them something to talk about as they explored it. My goal was to create something simple enough that it accurately modeled life as we know it but complex enough so that I could understand the Peep’s thinking process.

While a peep might not actually think the way in which we do, it may simulate it well enough that it could pass the Turing test. It would have senses similar to our own though much more limited. But they would be good enough so that anyone could follow a peep’s thought process.

Like a human a peep questions the world about her. She thinks of a label, applies it and shares that knowledge with other peep. When they have a name for something they are happy as they believe they know what it is. They can categorize it as being a member of something else that they know is similar.

We often think about ourselves and find comfort in remembering our name. When we ask ourselves “Who am I?” we can respond with “I am Jill!” or “I am Jack!” or whatever your name happens to be. So does a peep when she or he asks “Hu Me?”.