Month: March 2012

Surly Despot

I began today thinking about a world in which people made the individual the most powerful entity. A truly passionate attempt at respecting one another’s rights. As said in Spanish, “Mundo de la libertad”. To accomplish a world of freedom and achieve peace in the world we need to make the concept of “We the […]

What Has Been

I watched Midnight in Paris by myself yesterday because the one person I had been sharing movies with has long ago gone far away. But even she might not have watched it with me because it is a Woody Allen movie sans his actual presence. But this blog is not about him or his movie […]

Predict Predication

Few know that I am the son of a son of a preacher man. That empowers me to pontificate upon the source of thinking. I hope to shed more light on thinking by exposing the root of an incredible ability. My observation is based on the amazing fact that we are very good at recognizing […]

Born of Dragon

Skyrim is an immense game. However I can see that there are faults within similar to other role playing games. I am on a computer so it should allow me to easily analyze the statistics. But it seems that the authors believe part of the fun is tossing numbers at a player and not showing […]

What Freedom?

I was not born a citizen of United States of America. No, I chose to become one. I could have remained a Displaced Person. Even though I came to this country as a baby, my parents did not elect to become citizens. Had they done so before I was 18 I too would have become […]

Habit That Change

My life is consumed by my analysis of Skyrim. It is a game by Bethesda that like Fallout derives from Oblivion, at least in the manner of interface. My consumption has become habitual. So much so that I have come to the observation that most of our lives are obviously controlled by our habits. Someone […]

Job You’ve Got

To paraphrase a great song from the last century; if you can’t be in the job you love, love the one you’re with. I chose my line of work years ago. No I did not fall into it nor was it one of the first jobs I started with. But once I became a consultant […]

Your Late No? Si!

When one is a gamer all things become possible. We suspend belief and accept the strangest possible occurrences as commonplace. I mentioned in a previous blog a thing called latency. This blog attempts to explain how it is a problem for multiplayers. The desired illusion is that each and every gamer is in the same […]

Spawn Trap

Battlefield 3 (BF3) has been out since last November and I have been comparing it to its predecessor Bad Company Battlefield 2. Both are the current top draw for gamers online being that they are shooters and have in their lineage that classic DOOM released way back in 1993. The main difference between then and […]

As Time Goes Bye!

It happens every year around this time (pun intended), I find myself running late. Why? Because of Daylight Savings time. Yesterday we sprung forward and lost an hour. I first noticed when I passed the kitchen clock and saw it was somehow earlier than I expected. It did not dawn on me as to why […]