Fiction Lies!

OpticalIllusionMy blog is fiction. Whatever facts seem to be present are clever misrepresentations of reality. Not that any of us ever experience that directly. Take our vision for those who think they see the world. With two good eyes open and looking about you see you are the center of a 3D world. But in fact you cannot actually see the 3D. I know the evidence of what you are seeing seems contrary to what I am saying. So my blog is like that 3D image you believe you are seeing. It is a lie. On the surface it seems credible but when you closely examine the facts (and this is as about close to truth as this blog approaches) you discover your understanding of what the facts are has been mislead. The master illusionist that is your brain takes two 2D images and creates an illusion of a 3D world all about you. It works so good we make 3D movies that way. We present two separate but related pictures to each eye and our brain merges them and says look at that marvelous 3D image! Often the presentation is so real that we reach out and attempt to touch the object shown in the 3D movie and as our hand passes through it we realize it is just an illusion.

The brain does a similar thing with sound, though the construction of the ears makes it a distinct experience for each and everyone of us. However there is enough similarity that when presented with the same monophonic signal to both speakers of a stereo headphone the sound it generates will appear to be coming from somewhere in our head between our ears. With external speakers and you sitting in the sweet spot you can be convinced that there is a busy street about or a vast ocean lapping at your feet.

I hope you now understand why I say my blog is fiction. How can there be any truth when the very organ we rely on to see and hear the world with lies to us. What is a fact? It must be somewhere between where truth begins and fiction lies!