It Ate My Files!

CookieMonsterYes I am still thinking about thinking. I managed to find an interesting project that has accumulated a lot of data. It is called NELL. Which I found out about in this article. What prompted me to write this blog is the amusing thought that NELL had decided that an internet cookie is a baked good. Then it went on to convince itself that a file was also a baked good!


NELL had read the sentence “I deleted my Internet cookies.” So when it read “I deleted my files,” it decided “files” was probably a baked good, too. “It started this whole avalanche of mistakes,” Dr. Mitchell said. He corrected the Internet cookies error and restarted NELL’s bakery education.

However they are still on the path of using English to teach a machine to think. Whereas I am convinced that we need to build something that thinks before it can understand language. Thinking is more than the black and white of one’s and zero’s! Thinking involves a large range of grey. It is not a set of rules that one constructs based on what one has read. Understanding is a step beyond discovering the rules.

Interaction with trusted associates can lead to a swift understanding. Associating with liars can lead to insanity. Understanding comes with experience. No one expects a baby to understand anything. Everyone expects the ancient to be knowledgeable.

A scenario from the hopefully not too distant future. So I told my personal assistant to delete my cookies. Imagine my shock when I found it had deleted all of my files! When I learned it thought they too were cookies then I understood. OMG it ate my files!