The Good Talk

DNAToday was a stimulating lunch and discussion on all things under the sun with my friend David. Though we started off with rather mundane topics we escalated into the fundamental questions of the nature of reality itself. We used concepts conveyed in English speech with undoubtedly a bunch of assumptions at both my and David’s end.

David sees the world as being physical. I see it as mostly virtual. He believes in the big bang. I believe in the universe, not a multi-verse or one that somehow was a singularity that became all the known matter and energy in the universe. I also see the fractal nature all about us and more so the mathematical foundation that rules the universe we know and love. In fact I see that it is emotions and that magical thing called life that powers thought and no amount of 1’s and 0’s can ever replace a heart. But I will admit that it may be possible for a machine to gain a soul.

We jested with topics that clearly he and I do not agree upon. Especially WAR and that big lie called Climate Change. It is our nature to do war. That is why in our supposed non-violent society there is an overwhelming love of war games. More so than any other entertainment!

David will have to do his own blog to defend his views. I feel more resolved that on many of these things I am correct. However I am open to consider the alternatives and not just boo-hoo them away because I do not believe it. I think and then come to a conclusion that agrees with what I observe. Facts that others have apparently forgotten to consider.

So I look forward to the next time when we once again join in an invigorating conversation that challenges what we know. A conversation that reminds us of the things we have yet to explore. I look forward to once again get together with David and talk the good talk.