Designed To Die

KittenI came across an ancient book on internet bots that I purchased ages ago when Computer Literacy was a bookstore you could enter and wander about in. It spoke of an architecture and extended the concept of packet to an object called an agent. With packets that are transmitted there is a control mechanism that will pass them along but only so many times. In other words they have a limited time to do whatever they were designed to do.

It makes sense coming from a bunch of creators that are themselves doomed to die. We see it as part of our life and incorporate it into the things we make. We extend the fractal of our existence into our creations. Much as our own creator has done for us. As I mentioned in a previous blog I am thinking about thinking. That includes the Peep that I have worked on since several years ago. Essentially a Peep is a human that lives on a grid. However they too are designed to live only as long as the average human lifespan. But there I was interested in modeling a thinking simulated human. I was wondering how to get it to learn and teach. I still am.

But the thought of deliberately making an object with a defined lifespan as part of its architecture as a sort of garbage collection mechanism struck me as odd. Only a human could find a benefit in something that is designed to die.