Month: February 2012

Leap Year!

I realized just now that it is February 29. This only happens at most once every 4 years. It is an adjustment to the calendar so that the seasons and the dates associated with them remain in sync. Now that we can measure time so accurately there are other adjustments that we make as well. […]

Sense of Loss

No doubt people have noticed that I have been dwelling on the negative more than usual lately. Most of it is my being unable to contain myself with regard to being forced to deal with the IRS in all of its guises. TMI. I know Too Much Information but bear with me that is all […]

Abuse of Power

My entire case with the IRS is due to its abuse of power. Congress gave guidance by listening to citizens and created the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights which outlines the due process one can expect to follow during an audit and other dealings with the IRS. However it fell short of stripping the IRS of […]

The Way of the World

I spent some time listening to Earth, Wind & Fire. The song was familiar but I was actually trying to find the origin of the phrase “the way of the world”. I finally found a simple explanation. Apparently it means “the manner in which people typically behave or things typically happen”. But no account for […]

Fiction Lies!

My blog is fiction. Whatever facts seem to be present are clever misrepresentations of reality. Not that any of us ever experience that directly. Take our vision for those who think they see the world. With two good eyes open and looking about you see you are the center of a 3D world. But in […]

Catch 22 Lives

We live in a complicated world. This blog as I keep reminding everyone is fiction. Often I find inspiration from the events occurring in the real world. But all that I say here is merely my creative musings and interpretations of what goes on outside of and inside my head. Many years ago I saw […]

It Ate My Files!

Yes I am still thinking about thinking. I managed to find an interesting project that has accumulated a lot of data. It is called NELL. Which I found out about in this article. What prompted me to write this blog is the amusing thought that NELL had decided that an internet cookie is a baked […]

The Good Talk

Today was a stimulating lunch and discussion on all things under the sun with my friend David. Though we started off with rather mundane topics we escalated into the fundamental questions of the nature of reality itself. We used concepts conveyed in English speech with undoubtedly a bunch of assumptions at both my and David’s […]

Designed To Die

I came across an ancient book on internet bots that I purchased ages ago when Computer Literacy was a bookstore you could enter and wander about in. It spoke of an architecture and extended the concept of packet to an object called an agent. With packets that are transmitted there is a control mechanism that […]