Thinking About Thinking

Turing_Test_version_3It is easy to forget that AI still does not exist. At least not the type that can reason for itself. I watched Real Steel the other day. They had a cute sparing robot with big blue eyes that reminded me of Iron Giant. Both movies had a boy around 11 years old recognize the AI in their robot and would keep the robots secret.

So I searched the internet to see how far we have actually progressed.

It was dismal. They are now more verbose than Eliza but still no one seems to understand how we think let alone how to make a computer think. There are only illusions of a process that is so inherently simple we see it in the simplest of organisms. When threatened they respond with fight or flight. Something we can simulate but somehow in life it is real. Their broken and defeated bodies testament to the magical portion of ourselves that needs to survive but sees that all things eventually die.

In fact the slow death is the worst. The gradual decay of sections that will lead to the destruction of the entire living thing. Yes my left leg is still sore at the knee and refuses to straighten out. I am venturing out a bit more trying to prepare for the time where I will need to make an appearance in front of a judge and present my case for why my deductions should be allowed. All these thoughts fly through my mind as I use these English words to express my concepts. Something a simple program should be able to do. After all we ourselves find it difficult to multiplex our thoughts even though we have the most parallel of processors in our brain.

There are no answers here. Even though we are now 11 years beyond 2001 and HAL is nowhere to be seen. I have thought about thinking before and since. Someday I will understand. Until then I will keep thinking about thinking.