Golden Tears

KneeInjuryIt has been difficult to do anything lately. My left knee developed a problem a little over a week ago. I am unable to walk without a cane again. It is so frustrating to go from amble to disable in such little time. More so when I am aware that it may happen and do my best to prevent it from happening.

My project for LAW is officially done. Though there is still documentation and application as well as training left to do. But my thoughts continue to return to the ever present pain in my left knee and why does it not straighten out. Worse the increased pressure on my right ankle is threatening to inflame that as well.

Betty yells at me to go to the doctor. So far I cannot go to anyone. It is all I can do to hobble to the bathroom and back to the bed. My other venture is to the kitchen for food and to this terminal so that I could finish my work. This condition has cleared up in a shorter time in the past. This time it seems to be taking longer. I missed seeing my mom last week and I am afraid it will happen again tomorrow. She prays for me to get better and I ask God that it might be so. All the while wondering why does this happen?

Now I look forward to the day I can again venture outside with trusted cane in hand. Then to the day I can walk again without the aid of one. Then I pray to God please help me stay healthy and avoid injuring my knee or ankle or back. My mom says welcome to the golden years. I say it feels more like Golden Tears.