A Moment To Soon

BahasaIt is obvious that I have neglected this blog. That happens to me time to time as my focus shifts to other priorities. It is hard for me to believe that we are already more than a week into the new year! My forgetfulness has also cost me $50 in bounced check fees. That makes me furious that I am able to forgot a simple step such as transferring money from our savings to my checking. Now I am realizing my inattentiveness has cost me the loss of many thoughts I had wanted to mention.

Goals can be forgotten when one is busy. People as well. My mom is forgotten by her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren for that matter because everyone is too busy. I make time for my mom. I’ve committed myself to a minimum of seeing her once a week and I call her each and every day even when I am too busy and even when I have nothing more to say than I love you.

I get involved in my projects and have to keep reminding myself that as important as finishing the job is, it is always more important to be there in person and do a face to face. People in the end are what matter most. That is why I make an effort to stay in contact with all my friends and relatives.

In case you are wondering that is not a spelling error in my title. What this blog has been about is getting things done now and before not a moment too soon. What I am talking about is taking time to do a task one has been putting off thinking there will be time later. Do it now, accomplish something even if it’s a little something and celebrate making a moment to soon.