He’s Here!

2011SantaSanta is on his way! It’s nearly Christmas day! Just 27 minutes to go. Even less by the time I’ve written this blog. NORAD says his next stop is San Francisco! Oh my gosh he’s nearly here and we just ate the last of Judy’s cookies yesterday! At least I have some milk for him and maybe a piece of toast with jam. He’s been so busy and has already delivered 1,817,762,657 gifts. This is so exciting!

It’s a little known fact but he does this twice a year. Everyone knows about him doing it at the end of the year, but the orthodox Russians and Greeks know about January 7. We actually begin the year with Christmas.

I took Mrs. Clause to Subway about 7:40 PM which was closing at 8:00 PM. They won’t be open on Christmas day so I am hoping my brother has a good Christmas dinner for us. They wished us a Merry Christmas and I them a Feliz Navidad.

What’s that I hear? Sounds like noises from the fireplace. I have to run. I put the glass of milk and toast with jam next to our little tree. I can hear him ho-ho-ho-ing! I’m off to bed and shutting my eyes because he’s not just coming, he’s here!