now About Me


At left is the picture I took of my Avatar. She is an alien but not pure Vulcan. Perhaps a mix with Fairy thrown in as from Tinkerbelle’s lineage. I often get asked why is my avatar female? Perhaps those that use animal images are also questioned in a similar vein.

My strongest reason is that I am not my Avatar! There are many personas that I have assumed in the digital realm. An Avatar just happens to be one that I can customize to my liking. There are in fact games that allow the same thing with your player. So I often though not always choose the female form as truth be told for me it is more interesting to watch than a male. This is something that the young males in gaming do not comprehend with their extended lust into the digital realm. A world that is still heavily dominated by the male gender. No doubt disappointing for them to find an Avatar of the female persuasion having a male in control of it! That just does not fit in with their simplistic worldview.

In fact I have been in online games where women have been part of our team. No doubt I’ve been in even more where I was unaware that the player I had just vanquished was a woman. But as I said they are few in number.

I recently posted her image as my profile picture on Facebook. That was 19 hours ago and so far I got one Like from Cyrous and no comments yet. By the way if you look closely you will notice she has an unintentional hole where her heart should be. An error I made while touching up the picture with Photoshop so that it would fit the style of my blog.

While I have spent this entire blog speaking once again about why my Avatars look the way they do, in actuality my mind keeps preparing for the meeting soon to take place at LAW. Afterwards, depending on how long the meeting lasts I will again stop at my Mom’s even though I was just there on Saturday. She has an issue that is bothering me and I need to resolve.

As Christmas draws near our plans become clearer. We have an invitation from my brother George to join him and family at their home. I only wish it included his first daughter and son but his current wife for whatever unfathomable reason is unable to be in the same room as them! Thus they are excluded from what is their rightful place. Our mom is invited and is planning to come and we will bring Betty’s mom as well.

I bring this lengthy blog to a close with a reminder that there are mind games. Your level of interpretation should delve deeper than the surface. Things are not always what they appear to be. Those in the know control what is released into the world. The ones with power see the information and seize it as a weapon for use against everything you hold precious. There is no truth. This blog is merely characters that look like words. Explore how I put things together and you will find the missing “K”. Then and only then will you realize how little you Know About Me.