Getting Past Knows

bhuvaneswariThough recent events proved disappointing it should all turn out for the best. On Monday I am planning to meet with the CEO as well as the Director of ORA at LAW. I have been given what information they have on their needs. The CEO knows he will need a program or a script. He rightly believes that it has already been done. Aren’t we all living in an object oriented world? So the ability to create a customized report in multiple languages should be a breeze.

This of course led me back to researching what issues if any may be present. It was good to remember that PDF is a fixed format as described in the ISO Standard and nearly the only way of generating a printed form in identical fashion regardless of which OS is in use. Due to being so pervasive it is now the de facto standard which is in control by that bloodsucking monopoly Adobe. However many solutions have sprung up with which one can get around all the insidious ways those greedy vampires are using to extract money from nearly any use of their products.

In any case I am now ready for that meeting. As with any new client we will first go over their existing process. In my experience many a hasty decision has been made because the client knows the answer. Reality has proven to me that the actual answer appears only after getting past knows.