“You Just Wait ! ! !”

NinaGeary2011nov24It is a phrase that my sister Nina used when piqued and our family now repeats with exaggerated faces while waggling a finger and rolling on the floor laughing our butts off! I am remembering it because I just got a cancellation from my prospect that explains due to economic conditions in Japan that the company is freezing their budget for at least 3 to 6 months. That happened on top of my going to my other prospect yesterday and discovering she was unable to make the appointment due to a sudden illness! We will reschedule that meeting to sometime later this week. However it does brings to mind the patience one must find in oneself in order to succeed in life.

You have to accept the rejection that life will often hand you. The numbers game says that most times it is a “NO” that you will hear to any offer you make. however if you persevere there will be a “YES” out there. You just got to find it! I know this is frustrating so remember my sister Nina’s advice. The next time something or someone makes you really wish you could have it all now, put on a silly face, look yourself in the mirror and while waggling your finger at yourself exclaim “You Just Wait ! ! !”.

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