12 Drummers Drumming

12-days-of-christmas2It is the 12th of December and the song 12 days of Christmas comes to mind. It originated so long ago that it was passed down orally. With commercialization we now celebrate it prior to and as a countdown to the event instead of starting on and extending our joy of the holidays into the New Year.

Today I am fortunate in that I have a prospect. It is very humbling to be thankful for assistance from one who was once my pupil. Thank you Chris for putting me in contact with your client and allowing me the opportunity to salvage what so far has been a desolate year. In an act of serendipity my other ChrisNatashaRussoprospect is also coming around but that is tomorrows story. Even though I may not earn a cent this year it is a sincere pleasure to know I am remembered.

For it is people like his wife Natasha and Chris who are life’s real treasure. You are my good Samaritan standouts as depicted in the ending scene of It’s a wonderful Life at the point just before Clarence gets his wings which always brings tears of happiness to run down my cheeks. How marvelous is the message of people just like you coming together to aid someone who has done his best to help them in his past. So joyous am I for your gift that my heart beats to the percussion of 12 Drummers Drumming!