Learn On Me

CastellCloseIt is said that we stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us. The implication is that we can do this only in a finite way. On earth we all contend with gravity and have learned that it imposes restrictions on what we are able to do. Just as the thickness of a material somewhat determines how many times it can be folded, our bones and muscles determine how much weight we can lift against the pull of earth’s gravity. Even the best castells’ can only go up about 9 layers.

Our dreams aspire to the impossible but reality dictates what can actually be accomplished. Sometimes we just need someone to lean on. Together we can accomplish more than anyone can on their on. We can alter reality with our impossible dreams. Everyone of us has a magical ability similar to a super power. All it takes is a deep seated belief in what it is you wish to accomplish. The universe will translate your wish into actuality, but it is you that will be the instrument of delivery.

I do my best to pass on what I have learned and more importantly what I have discovered. Sometimes I learn that someone else has already made the discovery. That is when I know I have done something remarkable as I was ignorant and came upon those ingenious thoughts on my own. The fact that later I find out that someone else had discovered it prior to me is merely vindication of my own genius. Our success is not reduced by prior knowledge. It points to a limitation on our being able to know all that has come before us.

So you may ask me for advice and I will give it. For most it comes at a price. Others like you my dear reader are given it pro bono. I will teach and you can learn on me!