Into The Dark!

InTheDarkYesterday was a blustery day! It caused a brown-out early in the morning. I was awakened by a very loud humming noise coming on and off and sounding like a lethal electrocution. My wife screamed and my thoughts raced to the worse scenario! But it was only the audio system on my computer upstairs unable to handle the brown-out and complaining loudly until its plug was pulled. Then about 8 AM the power went out and stayed out until a little past 5:30 PM. Our neighbor Rachel across the street had a downed power line in her back yard. She also had seen sparks in a neighbors tree on our left side looking at our house. I spent most of the day reading “Makers” a SF novel that takes place in the near future.

It was an amazing feeling realizing I was unable to get online. How much of my life revolves around electricity! It made me appreciate the water still working. Also the gas heater and gas water heater were both still working! The phone though was on a battery backup which gave out before the power came back and made me long for the good old days when they provided their own power on the telephone lines. A thing that apparently fiber cannot do.

Why is it that only when something is taken away from you that you truly miss it? I was ready for anything I thought but had become complacent with dependence on electrical power. What a shock it was to be plunged into the dark!