Month: December 2011

He’s Here!

Santa is on his way! It’s nearly Christmas day! Just 27 minutes to go. Even less by the time I’ve written this blog. NORAD says his next stop is San Francisco! Oh my gosh he’s nearly here and we just ate the last of Judy’s cookies yesterday! At least I have some milk for him […]

now About Me

At left is the picture I took of my Avatar. She is an alien but not pure Vulcan. Perhaps a mix with Fairy thrown in as from Tinkerbelle’s lineage. I often get asked why is my avatar female? Perhaps those that use animal images are also questioned in a similar vein. My strongest reason is […]

Getting Past Knows

Though recent events proved disappointing it should all turn out for the best. On Monday I am planning to meet with the CEO as well as the Director of ORA at LAW. I have been given what information they have on their needs. The CEO knows he will need a program or a script. He […]

“You Just Wait ! ! !”

It is a phrase that my sister Nina used when piqued and our family now repeats with exaggerated faces while waggling a finger and rolling on the floor laughing our butts off! I am remembering it because I just got a cancellation from my prospect that explains due to economic conditions in Japan that the […]

12 Drummers Drumming

It is the 12th of December and the song 12 days of Christmas comes to mind. It originated so long ago that it was passed down orally. With commercialization we now celebrate it prior to and as a countdown to the event instead of starting on and extending our joy of the holidays into the […]

Learn On Me

It is said that we stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us. The implication is that we can do this only in a finite way. On earth we all contend with gravity and have learned that it imposes restrictions on what we are able to do. Just as the thickness of a […]

Into The Dark!

Yesterday was a blustery day! It caused a brown-out early in the morning. I was awakened by a very loud humming noise coming on and off and sounding like a lethal electrocution. My wife screamed and my thoughts raced to the worse scenario! But it was only the audio system on my computer upstairs unable […]