You Are Our Sunshine!

GearyNadiaWebYes my mama is my sunshine. This picture was taken at Chalet Ticino on Thanksgiving. My mom is looking good! We are all blessed to still have her with us. Remarkably she is and always will be no older than 33!

Betty found a box in a parking lot. When she looked inside she saw tons of yarn still unopened. She gave it to Nadia who like most of us is doing her best to make ends meet. Mom does this by knitting and was really pleased to have so much free raw material drop from the sky. We view it as a gift from God. We said our thanks at dinner on Thanksgiving in the restaurant. We were only a small gathering but the food was excellent. In fact we just finished the leftovers and Betty put the few remaining tidbits in a soup. Now it’s back to Subway!

One thing angered me about having so few of us there. It did not need to be that way. But our family is more dysfunctional than ever. I am unable to remember who it is that cannot be with whom. Nor do I fathom the reasons. Partly it is because my memory is no longer as reliable as it once was. A fact that my wife does not understand as I do remember explaining over and over to her that I just plain forgot! Apparently she thinks I use it as an excuse. I wish it were so but regardless of how little truth there is in these blogs or in the world for that matter, I rely on what I can remember. It is thus disheartening to realize my memory is so unreliable.

I am sad for our Mama. It is her immediate family that no longer gathers in her presence. My sisters insist that just the children should gather together. But they and my brother forget about the grandchildren and the great grandchildren who should also have the same consideration. It would be a miracle for us all to be together in a group and have a picture taken for our mom to show off her big happy family. The last picture we have of anything like that is from when Betty and I married in 1981. I pray we make it happen before our sunshine is gone. For Mama you are our sunshine!

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  1. I wish that for your Mom too. It would mean so much to her to have you all together in harmony again.

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