Wouldn’t It Be Luverly?

SleepsOnFloorImagine if you will that your life is lived out in a tiny small room. However you are not alone. Your entire family of 7 also lives in this one room With you. Your Mom, Dad, Grandma, an older brother, an older sister and a younger brother. At night you each sleep where you can on the floor all as comfortable as sardines. Cozy huh? Now add songs from the Sound of Music and you get a gist of the documentary I recently watched called “The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical”.

It reminded me of a short tale of a girl who lamented that she had no shoes. As she walked in her bare and dirty feet she heard a weak voice. It whispered “Can you spare some change?” ending with a wheeze. She looked and saw it came from someone who had no feet.


Unhappiness is relative to what you want and rarely over what you have which is often taken for granted.

One of my favorite tunes comes from “My Fair Lady” and starts with “All I Want…”.

My version:

All I want is a room somewhere…
Far away from the bustle and care…
Warm hands, warm feet, Warm Hair!
Oh! Wouldn’t It Be Luverly?