Respectively Analogous

DifferentialHeatEquationAs part of a refresher course I have been looking into partial derivative equations. In the heat example on left one should hold everything except one variable constant and bring that to the limit of zero. It amused me that this author expected us to know that a symmetry exists by alluding to the other equations in an analogous manner (see Notes). I assumed so respectively and with a leap of imagination tried to visualize what it might look like. Aseinstein55 you probably know we live in something similar to a stretched Cartesian coordinate grid in 3D. The stretching is due to space-time and gravity a concept made famous by Einstein. We have 3 axis: x, y and z. Interchangeable mostly except for our own inability to travel up. We can via a surface or while attached to a machine. Going rapidly down beyond a few feet is lethal!

Such study is the part of being self employed that is difficult for me. Especially in the light of having so few actual clients this year. But anyone who is a self proprietor knows this. However I had to explain this rather obvious concept to a Microsoft employee who kept alluding to an infrastructure that did not exist. So then what am I in my organization? Why a consultant of course! But I am also the CEO, CFO and president. I am head of sales and marketing. At onePioneer_plaque_svg point I was also the HR as I had an employee. Later I migrated to the more sensible arrangement of services and retained such services as I needed them. Keeping up with what is relevant so that I may properly advise my clients on how to solve their problems is why I am paid the big bucks!

Fortunately we live in a world with a lot of symmetry. So much so that it makes communication difficult. But it allows for assumptions. Like I am thinking you understand every word said so far. So in summation let me proudly say that this blog entry fully expresses only one aspect of my business and all my other blogs are respectively analogous.