Sweet Spot


It is a concept I have been reminded of recently in A NOVA episode regarding whether we live in a universe or a multiverse. To me if the original intent of the word universe were kept there would be no question that there is only one and that it encompasses all these concepts of parallel worlds and such. However as the word is kind of limited to what we consider the visible realm then the term multiverse covers all these other seemingly un-provable (except perhaps for the side effects) places. But all this speculation is only possible because we have all won the lottery and live on a planet that is in the sweet spot for life. It is a rare thing. So much so that we know of only one other (so far) in our entire known universe.

Remembering this miracle should make us all humble and respectful at being here. Today I will do my part by visiting and spending time with the woman who personally made it possible for me to be here. My Mom! She is my link to a marvelous chain of life proving that a higher intelligence exists in this world. As we are but images of the original it is telling what we are able to do with our gifts. Already we have shown that reality is indistinguishable from magic. Whereas once a photograph was proof of something real now nearly anyone can Photoshop whatever they desire into a photo. Again this is all possible only because the great spirit (AKA Goldilocks) has given us this wonderful planet to live out our lives on and placed us all in such a sweet spot!