Frog In The Well


It is only the world calling. The Great Spirit who made us has a way of making connections that are surprising. I clicked on one of the few blog’s I follow to find a new entry. They had just got back from China and mentioned they were like a frog poking it’s head up. I followed the link and looking in a mirror saw myself. I too am a frog. However it is a big blue house that is my well.

In the midst of the unknown I do my best to recall that different world where my services were in such demand I had to turn clients away. Now I spend most of my time searching for where they all went. All the people I speak with are saying what a hard world it is to make money in. Yet in my mind I see it flowing all about. The streets and highways are still jammed with expensive vehicles burning precious gasoline. Where is that money coming from?

It is easy to forget how big the world is while hugging a tiny part of it and rarely leaving the vicinity. Glimpses of the millions of people scattered throughout the world feeds my wanderlust. Somehow our possessions have once again entrapped me. To travel is to leave most of it behind. Some of which is nothing more than an ugly anchor that I would be happy to be rid of. Other things are dear and I fear would not be there upon my return. Money is both the excuse and the obstacle. Yet life proves that once one is determined to do something the universe will provide a way.

It is time to return to my wandering Cossack roots with a transform into a butterfly and taking back of my soul from that frog in the well.