Keep On Running!


No doubt you too have noticed that we will soon fly by Thanksgiving and head directly into Christmas. It seems the stores were reminding us of the holidays way before Halloween was even in the same month. But with all that momentum I am sure we will skid right through New Year’s Eve as well!

Today I am planning to see my Mom. My Mama who gave me my life and who I share what time I can to thank her for that. It is the gift that keeps on giving and there is no amount of money even imagined that could repay her for what she has done for me! When I do not see her I make a practice of calling to say hello. Often that is all that is said. For not much happens between calls and we are surely thankful that nothing happening is a good thing. However the sameness adds to the feeling that we are all on the run.

Yes all those advertisements keep you running. All those reminders of giving your presents and money away. It is good for the economy. Also we get to see people that we see maybe once a year. So let us all stay on life’s treadmill and run, run, run! Don’t stop, just keep on running!