Only The Lonely

RainBoyWhen I was very young my heart sought my true love. I would spend hours thinking of what she must look like. My dreams often gave me clues. Every now and then I would be with her. Someone that made me feel complete. Then to my dismay I would discover it to be just a dream. It made me feel so lonely.

The pursuit of this elusive woman persisted through most of my life. Every encounter has brought me both closer and further from her. She feels sorry for me and now as I sleep she will sometimes lay a hand upon my back and heal my soul.

It is my sincere hope that you do not understand a word of what I am saying. In my mind it is a sad world that knows. A knowledge that comes from heartache and heartbreak! With a bit of luck you have already found your soul mate. Your desire has transpired into a deep love and happiness at being reunited. You live as one. Curious that both can be as one. In my mind it was only the lonely.