Pinch Yourself!

WomanDaydreamingIn all states of consciousness I try to question my surroundings. It is very difficult to maintain such an attitude of perpetual skepticism. Especially when deep down inside I am wanting to believe these illusions presented to me. After all we base our lives on assumptions. We carry on entire conversations thinking we are being understood. Sometimes it is laughable and often the playwright uses such a mechanism to induce humor. Yet it is hardly comedic and quite frustrating to realize a misunderstanding has taken place.

Take the so called real world and our everyday consciousness. This is the way we think after we have awoken and gone into our habitual routines and been brought to attention by something outside of our daily expectations. Maybe a baby has been born. Perhaps someone has departed. Upon learning the news it makes you realize where you stand on this timeline between life and death. But usually only when it happens to someone close to you. Otherwise its just another birth or death.

Some cultures recognize and have words to describe more states of consciousness than we do. Here we generally recognize three. Aside from our everyday awareness is the one we use while dreaming. The third is a mystery that hypnotists take advantage of. But the fact that so many of us can be put into the hypnotic consciousness is a reveal of our auto-pilot. The same level of thinking that occurs in dreams. Where you accept things that would seem outrageous in our day to day thinking.

The act of questioning ones reality is often manifested by testing one’s sense of feeling. If we pinch our arm do we feel pain? If we feel pain it is presumed we are awake. If not then we are asleep. But if we are lucid enough to do the test then we are the most real thing in a questionable setting. Are you reading this in a dream? If you try it and it awakes you then you know it was a dream. Next time you think you are dreaming just pinch yourself!