Just A Dream

DreamingDreams often seem intriguing. I forget when I am in one that some of that which is going on about me would be truly unusual if I were actually awake. But the reality of the environment and my sleepy state allow me to be swept up in the craziness of it.

Last night I awoke in a black limousine with dark tinted windows. The doors were locked and outside the car there were people looking for me and unable to open the car’s doors. They called my name and banged on the windows but all I heard were muffled voices and thuds. For some reason I was reluctant to make my actual presence known to them.

Later I was in a small boat in a series of canals leading through a series of locks. Someone else was with me and urging me to turn back but I had never been here before and wanted to go further up the waters and explore. Again just a dream which I can barely remember but do recall marveling at the sight and sounds about me. The smell and motion of the water and intensity of blue sky with white puffy clouds. The green hilly landscape with dark green waters of the canal cutting a sharp groove in it. The hillside we climbed through a system of locks. I did not try to think of where I was but it seemed like somewhere in the USA and yet I do not now recall of any place outside of Panama one would encounter such an elaborate construction.

I am awake now or at least more awake in thought and remember this other life only dimly. I call it a dream because I awoke in a bed and these memories immediately preceded my awakening. Yet their realness and my transition from there to here is as confusing as ever. At least it was not a dream that from a dream that I awoke. Regardless of how real it seemed sometimes a dream is just a dream.