Save The Changes!

OopsIn my mind I hear the screams from the changes I have made to my document. “Save Me!” they scream in a high tiny voice. Just like the fly with a human head in “The Fly” they plead and beg to be saved. But of course I will save you!

All too often I have typed several lines of thought only to have them vanish in the webs bit bucket. It usually happens on forms in which we are suppose to place our reply. With some effort I form my thoughts and with tremendous effort type in those several lines. Then I click on a button and unexpectedly something I did not want happens. All those words laboriously typed into my reply are gone! Facing me is a doofus with tongue hanging out and a vague dumb look on its face showing me a blank slate in which to place my reply. Doh yeah!

I blame the programmers. In their rush to extract money from us they have forgotten to test their interfaces. They have failed to protect us from their errors. It is just too bad they are not making the effort to save the changes!