Month: November 2011

You Are Our Sunshine!

Yes my mama is my sunshine. This picture was taken at Chalet Ticino on Thanksgiving. My mom is looking good! We are all blessed to still have her with us. Remarkably she is and always will be no older than 33! Betty found a box in a parking lot. When she looked inside she saw […]

Wouldn’t It Be Luverly?

Imagine if you will that your life is lived out in a tiny small room. However you are not alone. Your entire family of 7 also lives in this one room With you. Your Mom, Dad, Grandma, an older brother, an older sister and a younger brother. At night you each sleep where you can […]

Respectively Analogous

As part of a refresher course I have been looking into partial derivative equations. In the heat example on left one should hold everything except one variable constant and bring that to the limit of zero. It amused me that this author expected us to know that a symmetry exists by alluding to the other […]

Sweet Spot

It is a concept I have been reminded of recently in A NOVA episode regarding whether we live in a universe or a multiverse. To me if the original intent of the word universe were kept there would be no question that there is only one and that it encompasses all these concepts of parallel […]

Frog In The Well

It is only the world calling. The Great Spirit who made us has a way of making connections that are surprising. I clicked on one of the few blog’s I follow to find a new entry. They had just got back from China and mentioned they were like a frog poking it’s head up. I […]

Keep On Running!

No doubt you too have noticed that we will soon fly by Thanksgiving and head directly into Christmas. It seems the stores were reminding us of the holidays way before Halloween was even in the same month. But with all that momentum I am sure we will skid right through New Year’s Eve as well! […]

Only The Lonely

When I was very young my heart sought my true love. I would spend hours thinking of what she must look like. My dreams often gave me clues. Every now and then I would be with her. Someone that made me feel complete. Then to my dismay I would discover it to be just a […]

Pinch Yourself!

In all states of consciousness I try to question my surroundings. It is very difficult to maintain such an attitude of perpetual skepticism. Especially when deep down inside I am wanting to believe these illusions presented to me. After all we base our lives on assumptions. We carry on entire conversations thinking we are being […]

Just A Dream

Dreams often seem intriguing. I forget when I am in one that some of that which is going on about me would be truly unusual if I were actually awake. But the reality of the environment and my sleepy state allow me to be swept up in the craziness of it. Last night I awoke […]

Save The Changes!

In my mind I hear the screams from the changes I have made to my document. “Save Me!” they scream in a high tiny voice. Just like the fly with a human head in “The Fly” they plead and beg to be saved. But of course I will save you! All too often I have […]