Time Marches On

Mickey_Mouse_marchingIt certainly is going by fast for me. I am busy reverse engineering the contents of a Dead Island game save (DI GS). It has taken me many weeks so far but finally bit by precious bit the picture is becoming clearer. Today I am tackling how skills are set. When I am done I expect to be able to set all the skills a character has or if that is not possible I am sure I can reset them. For that is simply returning things to how they started.

We are approaching the eve of Halloween so yesterday I added a sack of candy so that we had something to offer the children. I should not have bothered getting one as Betty brought in a ton of candy given to her at work. My challenge will be to not eat a bit of it. After all I have been trying to be healthy and avoid sugar and things heavily laden with sugar.

If only I could slow the tempo but everything is going faster as time marches on.