That Is Real!

ParadoxThe essence of truth is that most of us can agree on it. We all seem to know right from wrong. For some it is visceral. An emotion so intense it activates our fight or flight response. Ever notice how some people leave a room where the truth is being spoken? Or worse have you ever observed the truth spurring someone to violence?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what is true. What I believe is often expressed in my blogs. Some of my blogs contain things I do not necessarily believe but find interesting or funny. For me truth is hard to capture.

I am a believer of the infinite reality of parallel worlds. In fact if pressed to ask where is God I will think right here. I am god. Not “The God”, but the only one I know. In fact the only one I can ever know.

It is because my every decision is made apart from yours. It is made separate from everyone else’s too. In fact because I am always in this process of making decisions it puts me at the center of dozens of parallel worlds being continuously spun off. But then so are you.

I believe I am a god because everyday I take in all these inputs from what I presume to be an external reality and create a simulation. A model if you will of what I think the world is. I create images from the signals running throughout my body. All of which is also exterior to whatever I am that lives in the center. I get a wonderful Technicolor stereoscopic view filled with surround sound and other senses. This signal is delivered 24/7 to my mechanism that with a just bit of lag creates my world. I tend to think you do the same.

I am affected by all things I have created. Sometimes I sleep and create other worlds. We call those dreams. But that just makes me wonder what is really real.

So being alive occurs when I ponder. Otherwise I am just another zombie stumbling in my rut in search of brains. For me a paradox makes me think. It forces me to ask where is the truth. Incidentally everything I say in my blogs is a lie. By the way my last statement is absolutely true. A paradox is the only thing that is real!