Hula Girls


Why is it that the movies that make you cry and laugh are the ones you really love? Yes I cried. Yes I laughed. Boy do I love this picture. For me it was one sheer delight being involved in a crazy solution for a mining town. But I do not wish to give away anything lest I spoil your experience and very much encourage you to watch this dear and heartfelt foreign movie with English subtitles from Japan. For those still wanting a bit more info try here.

I rented the DVD from Netflix and gave it a coveted 4 stars. If it were a fantasy it would have been a 5 star. Unfortunately there is a small bit of violence that detracted from the story. It brought a sad remembrance of events in my own youth and thus kept it from attaining 5 stars IMHO.

I highly recommend this movie to any and all who root for the underdogs. In its own way it is a feminine “Rocky”. It has its teary moments but is far from a depressing movie. Nor is it a comedy. Who would think a movie about a bunch of beginning dancers could stir ones heart? So if you are in the mood for a really good movie and enjoy listening to the real language while reading the subtitles by all means find a way to watch “Hula Girls”!

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  1. Technically Japan is not a part of Asia. As this is a true story reenacted by the Japanese and presumably for the Japanese they are in fact ALL Japanese. Also they are not ALL cute. At least two are very beautiful! But it is the story and supported by a great cast of actors that tugs at ones heart.

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