Bye So Fast

Another day brings me back to wondering why life seems to be going at a faster pace. FastClockIs it because I have more things to remember? Is the time spent searching through my memories causing time to go ripping by? I wish I had a good answer to my subjective experience and it does me little good to know it is shared by nearly everyone.

I went looking for something on YouTube that would help me convey my thoughts but digressed into an offshoot and instead spent most of my time looking at old familiar faces in a mystery guest stint on What’s My Line. So I am back with only two video’s.

It seems I should be working on my taxes as they are once again due. Why every time I turn around there they are! Right in my face. Waiting impatiently to be attended to. A task so ludicrous because here in the United States the IRS has made the rules so complex that absolutely no one knows the answer as to how to properly fill out their forms, or which ones to use, or even how it might apply to your situation. So I find ways to avoid giving them my attention for as long as possible. However eventually the day comes and they must be done.

Death is the other thing that I avoid. But it takes chunks out of the edges of my life. Another friend or relative passes away and I become a bit more lonely. I miss them and it is no consolation that eventually I will join them. That I too will be gone is inconceivable for as long as I am able to take another breath and live another day.

If there is a destiny then the day I die is already known. However that date is unknown to me. This could be my last blog entry. I believe it to be very unlikely I can continue these entries from beyond the grave. If heaven has an internet, then we on earth are not part of it. For by now I should have gotten email from close friends who have passed and know how to use technology.

If I had a century I could elaborate on my life. Perhaps I would make that bucket list of things I must do before destiny says “Hello! It’s your time to go!”. But I only have these few moments that I spend in my blog. I am so sorry that I must now say Bye so fast.