Buried Treasure

Alexandria2x3Yesterday I finally got to see my mom again. We went to dim sum and ordered won ton soup with extra broth. It was what my mother wanted. Unfortunately they watered it down. Why do people cheat? We also had a small assortment of dim sum. Some Shanghai Dumpling, Sui Mai, fried meat dumpling and sticky rice. When we were done there were some leftovers.

Back at her place we talked about many things. Nick and VeraMost interesting to me was her tales about her brother and sister. Both siblings were older and now passed away. She said she use to be her brother’s favorite.

We can trace our lineage back to my great grandparents and have pictures only as far back as my grandparents. In upper left is great grandma Alexandria. On right is my Uncle Nick with his Aunt Vera. The three siblings were abandoned and left to Alexandria’s care. It was too much for her alone so she divided up the effort. She took care of Nick. Lydia was raised by Vera and Nadia by Antonina.

Lydia in MongoliaDue to proximity later in life Aunt Lydia became Nick’s favorite sister. One day the family gossip turned to why Aunt Lydia looked more Asian than Russian. The picture on left is of a very young Lydia. Remember my mom added that starting with Genghis Khan the Tartar’s ruled Russia for over 200 years. There must be some mixed blood there. Uncle Nick became upset at the talk of mixed blood. Apparently he believed we were 100% Russian. But Aunt Lydia insisted our blood line was mixed. He became so upset at that thought that he disowned her as his sister and did not speak to or of her for a very long time. I am happy to say they eventually got over the dispute by basically agreeing to never mention it again.

My mother spoke of how they were raised in a mansion. They had servants to do their bidding. They even had a chef. He was put to work by Alexandria doing all the preparation but she insisted on doing the cooking!

Reminiscing about her father George my mom said all she knew was that he was a very rich man. Once when he was quite busy and young Lydia was distracting him, he gave her some diamonds and told her to go off and play. So off she went with her shiny toys. Later she was back again to seek his attention. He asked “Where are the diamonds?”.  “I buried them” Lydia said. Stubbornly she wouldn’t say where. They looked everywhere but never found them. Lydia never did tell anyone where those diamonds are. Somewhere in Urga, Mongolia lies our family’s buried treasure.