Lester “Izzy” Moar

IzSometimes these thoughts come to me. Words transform their meanings. Suddenly I have the name of a character. He was born Lester Israel Kamakawiwoʻole Maar. You know who he was named after in his middle name. His last name was changed from Maar to Moar when he and his family immigrated to Canada. Like most other children from his tribe with Samoan in their blood his body tended toward the obese. Is it any wonder that he dread to hear other kids taunt him with “Les is more! Les Iz Moar!!!”.

Meanwhile my research into the mysteries of the Dead Island encrypted files slowly unravels. I have made 3 programs that successfully change the characteristics of items and weapons. Midas will upgrade all weapons in ones inventory to gold. That makes them as good as they can be. MoreAmmo changes that quantity in every weapon to 123,456,789 each. MoreItem does similar to items but only to 9,999 each. Which is more than enough for using plenty of blueprints to modify your weapons. While the quantity of ammo is simply a ridiculous amount! There are other things I still wish to accomplish and some of my work is what I call DNA splicing. I am combining found objects to make objects yet to be found.

Today I will once again see my mom. It has been nearly two weeks since I last saw her. We are both looking forward to being together again. Some distances are easy to cross. Others, not so much.

I bridged one with a phone call yesterday. Judy is settling down and keeping most of her friends and family informed via facebook. A popular internet place I rarely visit. Our talk caught me up on her activities. Baby Eve was distracting her and I as usual had little to say. She asked about Jenny. I said I saw her one out of two tries this week and though I thought I’d go there again yesterday, I wound up staying home and eating left-overs instead.

My life. What to eat. Talk to my mom. How to unencrypt DI. Talk to friends and prospects. Search for income. Wonder. Sleep. Mix and repeat. Once a month add pay bills. Now and then think up a tiny story like my lead-in concerning Lester “Izzy” Moar.

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