Good ol’ Days

HandHeldTVI was thinking about how things keep a changin’. Of course everyone says the rate of technological advancement is increasing. I remember how I saw on the cover of some popular mechanic magazine a black and white hand held television. Transistors were making many things portable and I salivated at the thought of being entertained anywhere. By the time that invention was made practical everything had changed.

Sad to say but except for reruns there is no Mr. Ed or Gilligan. My Favorite Martian has departed. Though every now and then they take an old show like Dragnet and attempt to make an action-comedy-drama movie out of it. Oh Car 54 Where Are You? In my old age I sometimes find myself gimping along just like gran-pappy Amos on the Real McCoy’s. But they are all distant memories. Froggy is gone too.  There are still remnants and snippets here and there. But all the shows I would have wanted to watch on that B&W handheld TV are really gone.

My parents did not have television when they were young. We had television but it was in black and white. Color was just becoming both popular and affordable. Everything was analog back then. Nothing was digital. We had no personal computers. One could not even attempt to put a computer into the average home. The advancement from transistors to integrated circuits was still to come. Even more would need to happen before a personal computer could even be conceived.

Now one can purchase a flat panel high definition 3D television. There are over 500 channels from cable or direct (from satellite) feed. Remarkable! Imagine the things that must be coming. What will our children think when they finally reach their golden years? After all this is their good ol’ days.