Planet of the Apes

PlanetOfTheApesYesterday was different. Usually I see my Mom, but it was her birthday last Friday. She will be celebrating it again on Sunday. So we agreed she would rest on Saturday. That meant I did not go to see her. I did go visit my niece Natasha and her four children. They are PainFTW’s family. Both prepared a splendid baby-back rib dinner done in 4 trays each with a different sauce. There was corn on the cob and two different potato salads to choose from as well. However I am not a fan of corn bread.

When I arrived Natasha was outside talking on the cell phone. The boys were on trampoline bouncing high into the air along with their dad. Events unfolded in a wonderful kind of controlled chaos orchestrated mostly by Natasha while Chris was attending to the barbecue. Dylan and Tyler were intent on sharing their toys with me. Even Karina showed up wanting to add some gems to a big letter K. A sunburnt Bradley joined us for dinner after being in the sun far too long.

Natasha and I had a nice talk after dinner. We got into several favorite topics. We exchanged early memories we had. I told her of my own mental experiments pursued in late teens.

Our discussion reminded me once again of this feeling I have that I have been reborn on a primitive planet. Somehow my expectations for humanities accomplishments have not been met. It is as if I took a trip to some distant past. A land ruled by superstition and witch doctors. They use the label of science and plaster it on objects as if naming something means you understand it. A violent people intent on war. It is painful to fully realize I am stuck here on the planet of the apes.