Month: October 2011

Hole In Mine

I have been noticing a lot of holes in my life lately. Not just my heart but big empty places where people and things I love use to be. Places I use to live in but can no longer visit because there is a parking lot instead of our apartment. As far as people are […]

Time Marches On

It certainly is going by fast for me. I am busy reverse engineering the contents of a Dead Island game save (DI GS). It has taken me many weeks so far but finally bit by precious bit the picture is becoming clearer. Today I am tackling how skills are set. When I am done I […]

That Is Real!

The essence of truth is that most of us can agree on it. We all seem to know right from wrong. For some it is visceral. An emotion so intense it activates our fight or flight response. Ever notice how some people leave a room where the truth is being spoken? Or worse have you […]

Hula Girls

Why is it that the movies that make you cry and laugh are the ones you really love? Yes I cried. Yes I laughed. Boy do I love this picture. For me it was one sheer delight being involved in a crazy solution for a mining town. But I do not wish to give away […]

Bye So Fast

Another day brings me back to wondering why life seems to be going at a faster pace. Is it because I have more things to remember? Is the time spent searching through my memories causing time to go ripping by? I wish I had a good answer to my subjective experience and it does me […]

Buried Treasure

Yesterday I finally got to see my mom again. We went to dim sum and ordered won ton soup with extra broth. It was what my mother wanted. Unfortunately they watered it down. Why do people cheat? We also had a small assortment of dim sum. Some Shanghai Dumpling, Sui Mai, fried meat dumpling and […]

Lester “Izzy” Moar

Sometimes these thoughts come to me. Words transform their meanings. Suddenly I have the name of a character. He was born Lester Israel Kamakawiwoʻole Maar. You know who he was named after in his middle name. His last name was changed from Maar to Moar when he and his family immigrated to Canada. Like most […]

There Is No Try

I am constantly reminded of the words spoken by Master Yoda in the second Star Wars movie. It has been drummed into my soul. Do or do not. The word try is just an excuse for those who actually do not. Maybe the world is a pessimist. It seems that everywhere I go someone wants […]

Good ol’ Days

I was thinking about how things keep a changin’. Of course everyone says the rate of technological advancement is increasing. I remember how I saw on the cover of some popular mechanic magazine a black and white hand held television. Transistors were making many things portable and I salivated at the thought of being entertained […]

Planet of the Apes

Yesterday was different. Usually I see my Mom, but it was her birthday last Friday. She will be celebrating it again on Sunday. So we agreed she would rest on Saturday. That meant I did not go to see her. I did go visit my niece Natasha and her four children. They are PainFTW’s family. […]