Yesterday’s Gone

LunchI had lunch with one of my nephew’s yesterday. He wanted to introduce me to his friend Monica. We went to Black Bear Diner recently opened in Milpitas. Monica ordered a sandwich, Nicolas a French toast and I went with eggs benedict and of course a glass of their freshly squeezed orange juice. All went well until our orders arrived. Nicolas was obviously unhappy with his meal. Also he was reluctant to have it redone. I decided to at least verify that the order was correct. When I asked for our waitress of a manager he asked why. I pointed out the missing batter. He quickly recognized that she had made a mistake with Nicolas’s order and acted swiftly to rectify it.

It is pleasant meeting new people over a good lunch. For even if the conversation is lacking we are being pleased by the food we are consuming. Our talk covered her children of which she has three. Two of them girls. Her boy is special and I digressed on how often making such a distinction creates a wall. I have known people who do not fit the average mold. Often they are true genius in disguise.

Nicolas is busy with work and asked me about a rumor regarding that. I denied my part in spreading it. For when I first heard it from my mom I went to a source that should know and confirmed it was incorrect. If anything I tried my best to squelch it. Alas once words are flung they are impossible to disperse.

Too bad we cannot repeat a day in our life as depicted in “Groundhog Day”. I awake today and already miss being with them.  It was so good sharing our thoughts. But that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone.