How To Fix It

GearsOfWar3My investigation into Dead Island has been sidetracked by “Gears of War 3”. The Locust are back in a more beautiful than ever rendition. The details are amazing though most of the time I am too busy dodging gun fire, explosions and melee attacks by the Locusts to really notice. We are testing co-op with PainFTW as lead using his Xbox as host. We have set the level to Normal and up to this point have had little trouble progressing through the storyline. But last night something that is a cross between a berserker and a tree kept killing us and was refusing to die for the longest time. It was a relief to see it finally succumb to our ridiculous amount of fire power. I am looking forward to spending at least another night or hopefully two before we are finished analyzing this new campaign. We will be done when the credits roll.

However Dead Island is what I personally research and lately there has been a problem with the file save for Xian. She is one of four characters you use to survive in a world infested by zombies. The problem only recently surfaced. I had progressed through the story and I shut off my Xbox. When I came back later for further study I found the system freezing whenever I reloaded Dead Island. Very annoying! Something had damaged my last checkpoint. Naturally an investigation as to how and why it became corrupt was in order.

One of my associates told me of an editor available for Dead Island. I looked at its interface and noticed it consisted of a lot of input boxes with labels of items one could alter the values of. Not very helpful but it was a start. Someone else had already cracked the encrypted file save. Further investigation into tools and methods allowed me to use a hex editor to examine the contents of my unencrypted broken save and compare it with others I believed to be working.

I found that all the working ones had a FFFFFFFF both at the very beginning and end of the file. Also one more place in the middle. My broken Xian file had only two. One at the beginning. Another in the middle. Somehow the tail was missing. I now understood why the system froze. Maybe by further investigating the contents of the save I can find a way to repair it.

Sadly knowing how it’s broken does not show you how to fix it.