Just Another Manic Monday

To better understand me one should begin by playing this song as you read my blog. Play it loud enough to hear but not so loud that it drowns out or distracts from my manic_monday200x200voice. I read every one of these blogs out loud over and over again making sure that my message is easily conveyed. Speaking my words helps clarify my thoughts.

I add links for additional information you might find interesting. I am hoping they explain what my racing thoughts really want to say in a detailed manner which is far too long for my brief blog. Besides information my links hopefully add audio and/or visual texture. Something I find sorely missing using plain text. Hopefully when you combine it all they give you a small taste of what it is like to be me. More importantly that my message is clear.

As far as the words to the songs go, no one I know really has the literal experience, but we all share something that a great tune harmonizes with. Music is a wonderful way of setting mood. It can be a tool to lift spirits. We can share how we feel. Often one is moved to tears both happy and sad.

My friend Judy is now half way across our great United States. At least the 48 that are contiguous. She is leaving Amarillo, Texas and soon will be with our friend Gail in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.

By the time I am done with these few words at least an hour and usually two have gone by. It depends on the number of links and pictures. All of the pictures have been modified by me to fit theme and style I have chosen for my blog.

However with links it is often more abstract. Sometimes I feel a need to digress and comment on them. Some are personal messages that will be clear only for the one meant to receive it. They will seem obscure otherwise. Maybe they will seem out of place. Worse over time some links just disappear! That destroys a portion of what I am attempting to convey.

Let me bring this blog entry to a close as you share my sense of confusion of thoughts that flit across several levels of awareness. Blame it on waking up with too few hours of sleep. Add people disappearing from my life as a major factor. Then too it could be due to just another manic Monday.